When baddies in films just aren’t ‘bad’!

So I’ve just finished watching Hansel and Gretel and was fairly impressed with the levels of ‘evilness’ demonstrated by the witches! So many films leave me feeling disappointed when the bad guys just don’t deliver. Superman ll is a classic example of this.  The ‘so-called evil trio’ who were imprisoned on Krypton land on Earth and attempt to take over…not by destroying large cities, or killing whole schools of children etc.  No, they land in some small hick cowboy town in the middle of nowhere and blow up a few cars and trucks.  I spotted zero casualties in their ‘carnage’.  That’s not evil, or scary!!  They’ll never take over the planet being soft like that!! I’ve had scarier moments with my pet cat! MAN UP, BAD GUYS! GROW A PAIR! 

Another gripe I have with horror films is when the bad guys talk to their victims, or throw them unnecessarily around the room (the good guys have a habit of doing this also) when they should be just getting bad with it.  I know, I know- it makes for good watching.  Whatever!  It just niggles me, is all!


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