Beautiful Dentists!!!

Have just come back from a visit to the dentist where I smiled through the entire appointment, and was still smiling as I walked out! The reason for this is that I must be the luckiest lesbian in the whole world when it comes to beautiful dentists!!!

My previous dentist was named Casey and she was a fresh faced, blonde haired, blue eyed, fresh from cheerleading (or so you could imagine!) gorgeous young girl! I had her for nearly 2 years and she made every appointment fun and interesting and amazing! (and I never once thought about her boobs as they were pressed into my shoulder or head!!) So when she told me she was leaving, you can only imagine how truly upset I was. I put off going in for a well needed crown because I couldn’t bear the idea of anyone else’s fingers in my mouth…until today!!

Today I met my new dentist, Elena, who seems to have sprung from the same ‘Beautiful Dentist Training Academy’ that Casey danced out of! With her dark eyes, dark hair, and longest eyelashes I’ve EVER seen, I found myself smiling stupidly at her for the entire time (well, when my mouth wasn’t doing it’s best impression of the girl from The Ring) and yes, I even indulged in some shameless flirting!! (I’m sure she thought I was just extremely pleasant!!)

So I have 5 more appointments lined up for the next month to sort some random pieces of teeth out, and I will look forward to each and every one of them as if it was a date!!! Hmm, am starting to feel like the Bill Murray character out of Little Shop Of Horror……


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