Frankenstein Dinners! (aka Batchelorette Meals for the faint hearted!)

Before I begin, I will explain the meaning of Frankenstein Dinners/Batchelor-ette Meals.  They are the sort of meal you concoct when you either;

a-live on your own

b-live with someone, but they happen to be out for the night.

They’re the sort of meal where you rebel against society, against everything your parents taught you about your main meal of the day, against everything anyone has EVER told you about what you should and should not eat for your dinner.  This rebellion can liberate your food cupboards into a veritable wonderland! Yes, you CAN have mushy peas with salmon! And more importantly, if you want to eat peanut butter out of the jar while the salmon is in the pan and the peas are in the microwave, guess what…you can!! 

The freedom from frying an egg to go with your chicken and mushroom pie and crunchie ice lolly is unlike any other! As is making HUGE sarnies with egg, cheese, marmite, peanut butter and cucumber! Lushness in your mouth!!


I have very recently come to the conclusion that not all of my Batchelorette meals are as tasty as I would like to think they could be.  For instance, tuna mayo+egg mayo+spinach+noodles=YUM (not all mixed in, though…obviously!) as is chicken dippers+scampi+cheesy beans=YUM as well!

What does NOT work, in any way shape or form (please take heed-I lie not) is


Trust me, it is not worth the curiosity of even trying! There was not very much pleasure involved in this particular meal, unless you separate said ingredients into small piles and eat individually…starting with the beetroot.  The only rebellion I experienced with this particular meal was that I didn’t want to admit defeat, and it was all hideously good for me! Yes, I ate every last purple fishy mouthful. I am NOT a quitter.

On a more positive note, tonight’s meal of tuna pasta with courgette and leftover lasagne and peanut butter was a raging success!


9 thoughts on “Frankenstein Dinners! (aka Batchelorette Meals for the faint hearted!)

  1. Not sure if this is the post to comment on or not. However you are listed as a participant in the “HOME FOR THE HOLIDAY BLOG HOP” by The Romance Troupe. If this isn’t the post to comment on please contact me via my facebook account or email. Big Hugs Thank you & happy Thanksgiving.

    Missie Jones
    missie25524 (at) netzero (dot) com

  2. Hi! What an interesting recipe! I love the whole rebellion thing! Very nice indeed! Just from that principle alone, i want to try this! lol Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway!! Happy Thanksgiving!

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