Off The Wagon

Today I fell off the wagon. Yes, I managed 4 (almost 5) days without a single drop, but alas I caved to my own peer pressure. This morning at 5am I had my first drink, and continued throughout the day at VERY regular intervals.

Yes. I’m back on the caffeine.

It started with an internal argument that tried to rationalise that, as a bus driver, maybe it would be safer for everyone involved if I wasn’t feeling as dreamy as I was…hmm, see? That’s the caffeine, racing my mind so far ahead that what is actually coming out doesn’t make sense! You see, I have sciatica, and the doctor gave me some groovy painkillers. But I wanted to be more alert than I was, and it seemed logical to just lean out of the wagon, and pick up a coffee from the nearest passing drive thru! (metaphorically speaking-I made it in the tea room.)

So now I am scatty. My passengers observed their bus driver (me) pretending she was Captain of the Starship Enterprise and shouting ‘Red Alert!’ while pressing the disabled button…and STILL got on my bus!!??? (Yeah, who’s the crazier one now, huh?)

So i didn’t just have one-I decided to just go for it and had one every half hour. I am not only secreting caffeine from my tongue, but I can feel the shakes coming as the inevitable caffeine crash approaches.

I truly don’t know what I am talking about.


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