Obsessed With Buttons!

Why is everyone so obsessed with pressing buttons? I mean, what exactly is the lure of pushing that little round button at a pedestrian crossing when there is clearly no traffic approaching? And who hasn’t pressed all 8 elevator call buttons in a lobby before, even when we can see there is one on it’s way down and only a floor away. It’s because of the button! We all want to press them!

I’m not sure why people want to press buttons so much. I think I once read about an art gallery that had an exhibit which consisted of merely a red button that people could actually press. And they did. Who wouldn’t? Nothing actually happened, but it wasn’t the point! It’s the thrill that drives everyone, the unknown consequences of pushing and waiting.

In stark contrast however, I have had my car since April and there is a button near the radio which I have not pushed. I have no idea what it does, but there is the fear that I may possibly initiate something irreversible, or worse still, that I might do ‘something’…and not know how to undo it, if I can even work out what it was in the 1st place? This fear is even stronger on the buses I drive. I’ve been a bus driver for 8 years and there are buttons on the dash I would never dream of experimentally pressing. What if they dumped fuel or turned off the brakes?? (Recently discovered one which turned off a panic alarm-this was discovered due to checking my reflection in the outer mirror and leaning my knee onto the large red button which previously seemed to have no purpose. Thus in one swift, and highly embarrassing, move, found out the ‘meaning’ behind 2 mysterious buttons on my bus!)

So I’m going to end this with a polite request on behalf of drivers everywhere. The next time you approach a pedestrian crossing and feel the irresistible compulsion to press the button, don’t. It’s guaranteed to be a massive anti-climax and 9 times out of 10, you’ll be well on your way before the lights change anyway!


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