Beautiful Celebrities

Ok, so as I was walking my dog earlier today and listening to Zero 7 on my iPod, a memory came back to me. It was a memory that perhaps in retrospect made me cringe, but at the time was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Let’s go back a few years, 10 to be exact, when Rob Da Bank’s vision of the Bestival on the Isle of Wight was just coming to life…

Having been an avid follower of Zero 7 for quite some time, when I found out they were going to be on MY turf, the blagger in me kicked in! (Or, another word would be ‘stalker.’) I contacted the Bestival press office, claiming to be a reporter (lots and lots of times) until I was granted a backstage pass to interview the bands. Yes, I was pretty persistent, and no, I didn’t think of any consequences! I just wanted to meet my idols! Who wouldn’t go to such lengths??

The weekend of the Bestival rolled around and I proudly watched Zero 7’s set from the very front row, a dreamy (and totally pissed) look of adoration on my face before scurrying backstage…where I came face to face with my heroes…and completely froze! I didn’t have any reporter like questions (a wasted opportunity, I know) so I just came clean and told them I was a fan that loved them! Oh dear. Yes. I was that stalker like fan that gives normal fans a bad name!! BUT this brings me to my point. Sia. While the rest of the band humoured me as best they could (which, given the circumstances was extremely gracious!) Sia sat down and talked to me. For quite a long time, about really personal stuff, as if I was just a normal person. She is quite simply a beautiful, humble lady who will eternally have my respect and gratitude for taking time out of her evening to be nice. She didn’t have to.

Next on my list of super nice celebrities that take time to, well, be nice, is Paloma Faith. When I started out as an author a few years ago, I was incredibly inspired by her 1st album and had an idea for a story set in the 40’s. I decided I wanted to base my lead character on Paloma and contacted her press team with some questions that I never expected to get answered that would help my story.

Paloma herself phoned me up. For half an hour. She answered all my questions, and was lovely and friendly to talk to! I took notes and wrote the story (unpublished, unfortunately) and will love Paloma for being such a wonderful human being til my dying day!

These are just 2 examples of celebrities taking time out of their busy schedules to simply be nice and remember we are all just human beings at the end of the day! I think a lot of celebs could do to take a leaf out of their books because ultimately, we are all equals on this planet. Yes, my stalker days are over, but I’d like to think making friends with someone who just happens to be famous is not an entirely alien concept?

(Just for the record, Sia and Paloma are not my friends!)


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