Frankenstein Dinners! (aka Batchelorette Meals for the faint hearted!)

Before I begin, I will explain the meaning of Frankenstein Dinners/Batchelor-ette Meals.  They are the sort of meal you concoct when you either; a-live on your own b-live with someone, but they happen to be out for the night. They’re the sort of meal where you rebel against society, against everything your parents taught you […]

When baddies in films just aren’t ‘bad’!

So I’ve just finished watching Hansel and Gretel and was fairly impressed with the levels of ‘evilness’ demonstrated by the witches! So many films leave me feeling disappointed when the bad guys just don’t deliver. Superman ll is a classic example of this.  The ‘so-called evil trio’ who were imprisoned on Krypton land on Earth […]